We Fly

We Fly.

My joy is rooted in the deep sorrow of losing you.

On the spectrum of happiness is misery.

Opposite experience coincides to make life.

We Fly.

I try my best to soar high for you.

One more giggle.

One more kiss.

Drowning my mind in the moment.

Burying the hurried fury this world paints.

The relentless dream of our expectations

Shrivels my heart space until

Your smile with the sun gleaming behind makes it expand.

In and out, in and out

Our Breath,

Fragile and never ending.

Your love seasons each breathe into a warm transcendence.

We Fly.

I look back at you,

Burning the image of your happiness in my image reel.

An injection of comfort in my veins and warmth in my body that imprints forever.

From now on until the next flight where

We’ll Fly.

My sorrow at the thought of losing you is my bravery for cracking open my whole heart for you.

Nothing to hide.

No where to run.

You saw it all and are now my sun.

Now our love orbits and the Earth spins.

I know now that I’ve found you,

True love never dies.

When this beautiful life dims to an end,

I’ll pass knowing our love will overcome all barriers to coalesce again.

As my body melts into the energy that creates,

And soul reawakens to barriers that are met with all of my might,

My soul will faintly remember these barriers are essential to enjoy the flight.

Soul knows hope.

Love makes us fly.

With Love,

Kaitlyn Marie 💜

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