Forgive Me Soul

Day in and day out, I’m filled with doubt.

Time ticks by and life is dry.

No one seems to understand my mind battle.

Meet me. Really see me.

I’m distinctly kind, but harsh and wild.

I’m an adult who gets on with the heart of a child.

I cry, I hate, I love and I fake.

My mind is on but I’m not always awake.

I act as I should but not always how I want.

I want to be kind

Slow Down….

Think and Soak It All In….

Soak up the wind, rain, dirt

Oh, and the sun! My favorite of them all.

How I long for these beauties but my soul is withdrawn.

I do as I’m told and avoid being blunt.

I feel like I’m smothered and do not dare to be proud.

Life is a blur and inside me is loud.

I look to she, him or them to make me feel like myself again.

Validation seems to briefly fill the void until I feel I am no good.

I seek the comfort from around.

I cannot bear to be without sound.

Cause when it’s quiet, I hear my pain.

I hear my emptiness and unearth my soul that’s vain.

Life is on mute and the power is out.

My soul is victim to this beating that my mind can’t seem to go without.

Please, soul! I beg! Come out again.

Envelop these bones in a thirst for life.

Just a flicker of love is all I ask. Please!

Life is not stopping and oh –

The sun – it’s shining for us to see…

I promise to work on my love of me.

From my mind, I set you free.

With Love,

Kaitlyn Marie ❤️

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