You know what sucks?!?!

The shame of setting a goal but not sticking to the actions required to get you there.

That’s where I’m at today. Sitting in my self-inflicted disappointment. A big old shame story.

I had a boozey, graham cracker filled weekend that dismantled my whole week of health goal chasing.

#firstworldproblems 🙄 – YES.

But hear me out…

I’ve wanted to build the strongest body I’ve ever had in my life, but I’ve always been my own worst enemy by placing conditions on this goal.

I struggled with eating disorders for two years that I’m so thankful I was able to overcome.

I’ve always, always struggled with loving my body from 118 – 165 lbs, it’s been a journey.

I thought love from others would come when I was “skinny”. 😅

Lack of love for myself cut me off from so many experiences.

Having a strong body I admire has always felt like the symbolism for overcoming the struggles with my body and food.

My relationship with food, lack of energy, emotional ups and downs and managing my time has always been the excuse reel I’ve called upon for comfort.

I do believe that staying persistent is key, but I see persistence only goes so far when you’re not giving 100%!

I’m thankful for my trainer today for calling me out and not letting me lean on my excuses.

Shame sucks and the truth hurts but sometimes it’s what we need!

I am committing to the goals I’ve set and to living a life I’m proud of, for me.

No one else.

What dreams ebb and flow out of your life because of that excuse reel?

Seriously – make yourself accountable!

What excuses have you had? Why?

Check those excuses and push yourself!

Find someone that truly holds you accountable in life.

Better yet, aim to be the someone that holds you accountable.

I try and I persist. This is where I’m at and I’m on my way to the best I’ve been.

Self-limiting believes BE GONE!

Who else is on a fitness journey?

Do you believe I will ever be able to say no to graham crackers?! 😆

With Love,


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