Complacency Tragedy 

Complacency is one of my biggest fears.

Merriam-Webster Definition: self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. 

Unawareness is the key term.

Self-awareness is a choice, a struggle and a path less chosen. A path that is full of fear and unknowns, letting people down and trusting yourself. It means throwing yourself into the abyss of the world and hoping that time and your bet on what you know about you yields your hearts desire.

How do we discern between complacency and stability? Does the fear of complacency prevent the appreciation for what is? Does the fear of complacency curtail into a rollercoaster life of tragedies and triumphs, loss and gain?

Does anyone ever truly feel at ease or is life a never ending quest for what’s next?

Questions and no answers. There’s just glimpses of days and a plethora of choices while the clock tick ticks and images of shiny, “happy” lives bombard our screens.

Are we happy or playing the roles of happy? Are we doomed with excess thoughts and deep thinking, in a world where we must do, repeat, do and keep up. Run, repeat, sigh, go, smile, dress up, run again, look right, be polite… remember this, don’t do that.

Love is relief. Quiet, early mornings are bliss. Sitting under a tree is natural. Laughing with a stranger, in a pure and real way, is correct in a world of this and that. The things we’re innately drawn to do are what’s meant to be yet we’re so immersed in what we think we should be.

Complacency. What a tragedy.

With Love,


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