Our Children 

Bare feet in the grass, face towards the sun.

Knots in the soul delicately come undone.

Suns bare rage inconceivable to man.

Suns flourish blissful warmth that changes doubters to feel they can.

Earth looms with an almighty beauty.

Swishing, beaming, cracking, glowing, dying, growing, producing, shaking, splitting, cascading, burning, decaying


A symphony of creation and death that is intricately balanced to nourish our lives.

Your lungs breathe air from Earth to


your beautiful life.

Creation is steady until we poison the cycle.

Our everyday actions compound positive or good more than we can always decipher.

We must tread this Earth with a humble knowing that our connection to soil is innate.

Our souls and existence need the Earth, the moon and dawn’s break.

Our children deserve the Earth to


Our children need a cyclically untainted and beautiful Earth

to keep their souls awake. 

~ Kaitlyn Marie Fernald 

🌎🌸🌞 Happy Earth Day! 


Donate to the Nature Conservancy, an international non-profit making profound, scientific strides to protect our Earth and your children’s future.

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