Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron at Calvert Cliffs State Park. 

As I watched this bird through my camera lens at Calvert Cliffs, I made sure to tell everyone who walked by that there was a super cool Crane that they could see. One kind woman pointed out to me that this is a Great Blue Heron and not a Crane. 

I became intrigued to learn more and found that the Great Blue Heron spends 90% of their day foraging for food!  This bird just might be my spirit animal.

My apologies, Great Blue Heron… you’re totally not a Crane.

Learn more about this Great Blue Heron that is commonly found in Southern Maryland here.


2 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. I love the sharper focus and the sunlight on its back making the bird stand out here. You photographed a beautiful thing in a beautiful place, but added to it; you have created a worthwhile picture.

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